API 5CT H40,J55,K55,N80 Slotted Liner

API 5CT H40,J55,K55,N80 Slotted Liner

Model No.︰Slotted Liners

Brand Name︰API 5CT Slotted Casing,Slotted Liners,Well Screen

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Product Description

Slotted Casing/Pipes

The slotted liner is mainly used to the water and oil reservation layer without much sand. It's function is to prevent rock bits from dropping into the well bore. The working principle is to allow the certain size and coming fthrough the surface with crude oil but keeping the bigger size sand being outside to form the sand bridge for anti-sand purpose. This type of product is commonly used to sand rock and catbonate reservoir, in particular, suitable for horizontal wells.                                                                                            Slotting Patterns: Line slot pattern, staggered slot pattern, multiple staggered slot pattern.

1. The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells
2. We offer straight and keystone slot type in the wide range of slotting patterns to creat the required open area

Plasma Slotted Screen (PSS)

The Structural Characteristics of PSS(1) Specially designed trapezoid slot shape: narrow outside and wide insidea. self - cleaningb. The flow resistance is significantly reduced.c. Good effects of sand control.(2) The slot surface has anti-corrosion electro-chemical treatment by high frequency hardening at 8000HZ and 10000 degree during machining process.a. The slot surface has been generated a 0.1 ~ 0.2mm hardening and anti-corrosion layer.b. High resistance to wearing and corrosion.c. A longer service life than similar products. 

(3) Characteristics of PSS Slot

a. High dimension accuracy of slotted width




Slot length

Slot width








b. Slot surface is smoother than other similar products'c. No cutting holes at the slot end.   (4) Size specification and application scope of PSSThe size specifications of PSS are shown in table 1.


Outside diameter of the liner (mm)



Length of the liner (mm)



Outside pipe of the slot width (mm)

0.15~0.60(Tolerance±0.03), 0.60~4.00(Tolerance±0.1)


inside pipe of the slot width (mm)

Outside pipe of the slot width +0.1


Slot length (mm)

60~120, Tolerance ± 1.00


Slot quantities per circle

Per customer request


The distance between the adjacent slots (mm)

Per customer request

 (5) Application scopeIt can be applied to sand-control completion of horizontal well, side well drilling, branch well, and gravel pack well completion. 


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